• New Portfolio in Production

    I am returning to to my early photographic pursuit of product/food & beverage photography. Early in my days around the San Francisco Bay Area, I assisted for quite a while and then briefly shot at a place called the Haggin Group. It was a catalog production house based in Mill Valley. Seems it was merged and diversified out of existence, but enough of ancient history.

    I am having a great time in the studio investigating and developing this new direction. Saturated color and sharp contrast are winning on my visual palette. I am working with mounting a Sony A7r IV on my old Sinar P 4×5. I suspect I will be investing in a Cambo Actus setup for this sooner than later, allowing me to take advantage of the stash of large and medium format lenses I have collected over the years.

    Stay tuned for splashes, a few crashes, and some tasty visions ahead…

    Oh, and let me know if you have an interesting product you think would go well with this visual direction.

    Image of Splashing water and ice in a glass on a blue background.
    Image of a can of Blow Off Auto Duster on a golden background.
    Image of dew covered apples on a dark background.
    Image of an aluminum bottle of Miller Light with beer being poured into a large glass mug in the background.
  • AAF District 8 Gold

    AAF District 8 Gold

    Aaron C. Packard’s photographic work earned a gold award from the 2022 American Advertising Awards (ADDY®) in District 8. Aaron created dramatic and innovative photographic work of ballistics gel with premium ammunition. His stark photography was created with Rapid City advertising agency Jackalope for the 2022 Black Hills Ammunition (BHA) Brand Campaign. 

    BHA catalog front and back cover
    BHA catalog interior spread

    The ADDY Awards is the largest advertising competition in the United States. The American Advertising Federation (AAF) is the oldest advertising trade association in the county, and it is divided into 15 districts. AAF District 8 includes Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. Packard’s District 8 Gold ADDY is a distinguished honor, and he will advance to the national competition. According to the AAF, “A Gold ADDY is recognition of the highest level of creative excellence and is judged to be superior to all other entries in the category.” In February this year, Packard with Jackalope earned numerous Gold ADDY awards at the local AAF Black Hill’s American Advertising Awards competition, which is what made the work eligible to compete at the district level. The final tier is the national competition at the AAF National Conference in June. 

    The award-winning photographs for the BHA Brand Campaign are dramatic images of bullets logged in ballistics gel, colloquially known as “jello shots.” To create these innovative photos, Aaron Packard first had to invent a light table to illuminate the ballistics gel while supporting up to fifty pounds of weight. He then made extremely high resolution images of the gel blocks, and he created stunning cool-colored compositions that would make the opening to any James Bond movie jealous.

    Packard stated, “Black Hills Ammunition has a very handcrafted approach to the development and manufacturing of their products. Through our creative ideas for the advertising and catalog photography, we try to find ways of really speaking to that idea – creating visual pieces that emulate that concept.”

  • “You Can’t Automate Craft” BHA 2022

    “You Can’t Automate Craft” BHA 2022

    Aaron C Packard’s work on the 2022 Black Hills Ammunition Campaign and Catalog received multiple Gold at the AFF Black Hills ADDYs.

    The concept for these images was to capture the precise hand crafted nature of the product through the elegant evidence of ballistic technology. For most of the images pixel shift exposure methods with the Sony a7R IV were employed to capture maximum detail and color depth. The imagery was produced under the creative direction of Jackalope out of Rapid City, South Dakota, for the Black Hills Ammunition 2022 campaign & catalog.

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